Safety notice

Viewing the panoramas with mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, or VR cardboards can lead to dizziness and disorientation. Please be careful, especially when viewing outdoors.


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To view a panorama, you need internet access. Depending on in the information you wish to access, the data volume per panorama ranges between approximately 5 MB and 10 MB – not bad for a time machine!

The panoramas offer various navigation options. You can swipe to look around in the panorama – you can also zoom in and out with two fingers. It’s even better if you look around by moving. For this, select the “Gyroscope” option in the menu at the top right of the screen. Do you have a VR cardboard for your smartphone? Perfect! Choose the “WebVR mode” in the menu and view the 360° panorama in 3D.

All clear? If you are ready, go ahead – just close this page and scan the panorama QR code on the Time Capsule. Enjoy!